Who Am I?

This is your first step in getting to know me. Below you'll find a brief thumbnail sketch - kind of like the type of thing you'd find on the back cover of a book. To find out more about me, check out my bio, or learn a little more about some of my favorite books, music, TV shows, etc. Or read my blog (what there is of it!) Links to all three are below. Incidentally, the backgrounds to all these pages are my own photographs, drawings, or music. I hope you enjoy them!

Stephen M. Larson was raised in the western Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn.  He graduated from Glenbard West High School in 1970 and from Illinois State University with a bachelor's degree in music composition in 1975.  He currently lives in central Illinois with his wife, Ame, and their cats, Scamper and Rory.  (Two cats, two rabbits and three hamsters are either buried in the back yard or their ashes stored on a shelf, but we won't go into that now).  He also has an adult son and daughter.  He retired from factory work at General Electric in 2010, and worked part time as a department store salesman until he retired fully in 2016.  He has been a Christian since 1971, and attends Eastview Christian Church.



And he feels really, really strange writing third-person biographical notes about himself.

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