The Short Stories

What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects - with their Christianity latent."    - C. S. Lewis, God In the Dock (Christian Apologetics)

C. S. Lewis was referring specifically to popular books on science; however, I believe his words can be applied to nearly any genre. I have tried to apply them to my own fiction, in that the subjects of my own works are, for the most part, not overtly Christian. I do, however, try to approach them from a Christian worldview. Those coming to these stories looking for apologetics may be left scratching their heads in confusion. Those, however, coming to them looking for a different perspective on a variety of topics will not be disappointed.

A word on the content of these stories. Some, like "Alexander" or "Letters From Lupus", can be read and enjoyed without embarrassment by any age. Others, however ("The Wisdom of Solomon" and "The Last Days of Joanna Broadhurst" suggest themselves immediately) are written with a more mature audience in mind. By this, I don't mean that I write "dirty" stories! But I do believe even Christian writers should try to reflect the reality of the world in their work, albeit without going out of their way to offend their readers. It's not an easy line to walk.


I have described the stories below, and have included excerpts from the opening pages of each story; the full stories can be purchased for $1.99 USD each for e-readers at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I have also included links to the purchase pages for each of the stories. In addition, I have put all my short stories and poetry in Acoustic Words: Collected Short Works, available also through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Acoustic Words: Collected Short Works is available digitally for $7.99 USD and as a trade paperback for $9.99 USD, through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Digital Version

Individual Stories

Individual stories are available for $1.99 USD each as digital downloads only, for either Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook. Brief excerpts are available for free below.


A young centaur faces ridicule at school when he insists he's seen that most mythical of creatures - a human....

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A woman who has spent her entire life in one set of rooms leaves their security to pursue a rumor of a man who has found a way - outside....

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An impromptu dance concert has disturbing psychological and emotional effects on a lunchtime crowd from a large office building.

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The Last Days of Joanna Broadhurst

This black comedy details the events leading up to the apparent suicide of a successful advertising artist.

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Of Dogs and Consequences

A high school student's chance encounter with a dog has echoes decades later and thousands of miles away - and launches an unexpected friendship.

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Track of the Wolf

A cruel and dishonest prospector faces divine retribution in this classic horror tale.

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I'll Be There

A high school girl comes to terms with her love/hate relationship with her aunt as she falls for the most popular guy in school.

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Letters From Lupus

This twist on a classic fairy tale explores the devastating effects of prejudice.

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The Price of a Marriage

A woman must re-evaluate her marriage when a random object at a local garage sale could be evidence of her husband's infidelity.

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The Wisdom of Solomon

In this tragicomedy, Solomon Perry's life of failure leads him to the conclusion that he is an insane god - a conclusion he proceeds to prove.

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